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Chapter 1

Jessie felt sick as she hung up the phone. She knew the call was coming and was sure of the horrible news it would bring. She also knew if she had not followed her instincts the night before, she too would be part of the headlines in tomorrow's paper.

After the drive-inn last night, some of Jessie's friends had asked her to head to Littleton for pizza. She knew it was only a 30-minute drive, but something in the pit of her stomach told her not to go. She had learned long ago to trust her instincts or live with the consequences. Jessie made up an excuse of not feeling well and called home for a ride. She could never tell anyone how she knew certain things. That was one of the reasons Jessie's parents had moved the family halfway across the country this spring. They all needed a fresh start.

Constable Freeman inquired how well Jessie had known the four high school students found early that morning. He had interviewed her teachers, leading to her. The police had found her friend’s car in the river running along the outskirts of Littleton.

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Jessie's Journey


Jessie goes through one battle after another as she grows into her leadership role and takes her seat at the FLAIR table. Each time she comes up for air, another wave knocks her down. She really needs to hone her skills and develop her gifts to see her mission through.

A new town, a new beginning, right? Can she restore her family relationships?

David and Jessie, must figure out the mysteries and secrets of their new home. As Jessie steps into her destiny, with David at her side, they discover the roots of the movement run deep here, and their family structure needs rebuilding.

How do they resurrect from the ashes? Who can they really trust?

On this page, you will find the 'First', and 'Current' chapters of "Jessie's Journey" 

Enjoy the Journey!

The Latest Chapter

Chapter 19

“Your mother said you wanted to meet me.” Jack sat down at the kitchen table.

“Yes. We need some answers.” Jessie was all business.

“Shoot.” Jack advised.

“How do you know those guys you met at Mom’s Diner on Friday?”

Jack was impressed at her candor. “You mean Marco and Shorty?”

“Yeah, the two low-life’s you were meeting.” David piped up, feeling his blood boil.

“David, I got this.” Jessie put her hand on his arm.

“Why does it matter who I meet? It’s none of your business.” Jack went on the defensive.

“It matters when it affects me and my family.” Jessie started.

“You know them? How?” Jack was curious.

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