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2023 July Newsletter

Special Project This Month

There is always a special project going on in our lives at any given time. This month it was related to a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Every July we figure out creative ways to raise awareness and funds for Kids Cancer Care Foundation. In 2006, we leaned on them for love and support, when our eldest son, Brad, battled cancer. We won our battle; many don't. During that time, they were there, caring and comforting us through childhood cancer. Some families don't get the success story we have, so we continue to fight for a cure for kids with cancer. Over the last 2 weeks Jay peddled his way around SK. He finished his journey yesterdy. Take a look at my Artist FB Page to watch creative videos to bring awareness. Also, if you are inspired and inclined, feel free to support us financially by clicking this link. We are always very grateful for your support. 

2023-07 KCC Melville.jpg
Writing by the Water

Monthly Blog

The New Blog: What Do You See, has arrived, and is titled accordingly to my season of life. The 1st edition was published, as promised, July 1st, titled 'Eyes of Your Heart'. That blog discusses how we see with our hearts, and uses two illustrations. One of a digital painting I did, titled: 'Taking Daddy's Hand', and the other of a father and young son enjoying and exploring their walk down my street together. If you haven't read it yet, Click Here. I'd love to hear your thoughts / feedback on it.

Creatively Yours, Diane

Creatives Community Corner

In the spirit of building community and recognizing other gifted souls, I’ll be interviewing fellow Creatives, to highlight their gifts and talents.

The first video interview was completed earlier this month with local SK Artist - Kaitlyn Flis. We caught up to her at Kenosee Lake, where she was displaying her work and many talents at the Artist's Colony in Moose Mountain National Park. In the background you will see water skiis. If you are wondering what they are all about, stay tuned to both meet, and be inspired by, Kaitlyn in our September Edition of 'Creatives Community Corner.'

2023-08 Kaitie Flis 01 Artist Colony.jpg
Diane Exner Glossy Art Cards

New Digital Product(s)

A sneak peek at the NEW Line-up of Art Cards. For any occasion, from 'Birthday' to 'Thinking of You', they debut at Melville's Farmer's Market

Wednesday, July 26th from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.

A 5-Pack of 5"x7" Glossy Print Art Cards, with blank inside and envelope. There is lots of space to write and share with others, or alternatively will fit perfectly in your favorite frame. (Sale Price: $20/pack)

Your choice of 'The Great Outdoors' or 'Fluffy & Furry Friends'.

Shows and Shops

Last, but not least, these are the places you will currently see my art work being displayed and sold. Make sure to visit and enjoy all the offerings when you arrive.

Shows You Are Invited to Attend
July 26th:
Melville Farmer's Mart, (Melville, SK, Main St & 3rd Ave)

August 12th: Cabin Fever Art Festival (Kenosee Lake / Moose Mountain)

Sept 8-9th: Sunflower Art & Craft Show, (Yorkton, SK, Gallagher Centre)

Shops - Displaying My Work
The Beacon – Bistro & Coffee House, (Caronport, SK, On #1 Highway)
Chocolate Bean Café & Flowers on Main – (302 Main St, Melville, SK)
Melville Coop Home Centre – (Melville, SK, Off #10 Highway)

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