It's been awhile, since I've felt your touch

Today for some reason, I miss you so much

I can hear your laugh, inside my heart

It feels so long, since we've been apart


I have the good times, the laughs that's true

That doesn't stop me, from missing you

Daddy's Girl, played on the air waves

Which is probably why, this heart breaks


My arms still ache, from time to time

Longing for one touch, is that a crime

I know I'm blessed, in so many ways

Today just felt like, One of Those Days


Love You Daddy-O! Miss you!



Today you’re on my mind dad

I would normally be in touch

I’d tell you how much I love you dad

And how I miss you so much.

We’d joke about some goofy thing

Somebody had recently done

We’d laugh and tell a story or two

It’d be a hilarious one.

I’d get to see your twinkling eyes

Even if it was technology based

With so many miles between us

FaceTime would be embraced.

This year it’ll have to be different dad

We’ll think of another way

I’ll celebrate you in my heart

Wishing you Happy Birthday.

When I see a candle today

I’ll send a wish or two

I’ll whisper under my breath

Dad ... I’ll forever love you!



I was looking through my photos

For some pics of me and you,

There really isn’t many of us

I literally found a few.

What I found was a legacy

Of family and friends too,

There’s so much love and laughter

Whenever there’s pictures of you.

A few of you holding babies

Many of you outside,

Mostly surrounded by family

Someone always at your side.


You truly are a blessing

To everyone a friend,

You bring smiles to the masses

Your encouragement never ends.


So if I were to sum this up

A Mother to all I did see,

But most of all, I have to say

You are a best friend to me.