• Diane Exner


As I’ve been reflecting on relationships of all kinds, and how to best navigate them, I came across this artwork where the words came alive: ‘Life is like a Camera, Focus on What’s Important’. What about relationships is important to you?

You get to a point when you find folks you can truly be real with, and you realize they’ve been that camera for you all along. They’ve been with you to capture the good times, have helped you develop through the negatives and when required, encouraged you to take another shot. They help put everything into perspective.

As a person who loves taking pictures, to get the best shot there are two requirements that make a great photo: clear focus and strategic perspective. Everything else is simply accessories. Whatever story you want to tell, the subject must be clearly the focal point, portraying your voice and message through the perspective in which you are targeting your subject.

To me, each stage of life has had its own focal point and perspective. Every decade a theme. As I grow older my priorities, values and relationships have developed to a point that the negatives s

imply go in the garbage. Never to be developed in a dark room; which by the way, is the only place negatives can be developed. (Pause) Like technology has changed photography over time, so to our perspective changes as we develop in years.

Once upon a time I cared if people thought I was too this or that, to thin or fat. The longing to fit in and be part of the cool kids at school or work soon disappeared without a second thought when the negative wasn’t developed. Without a frame to display this style or that label, the photograph soon fades. Whether wearing a $20 Kmart watch, or a $200 one from the jewelry store, the time keeps ticking the same.

This makes one think, what do you want the pictures in your scrapbook to be? What’s your cover photo? Do you want it to be of things that are fleeting like a Designer watch, or rather memories of relationships, celebrations and adventures along the way? Each to their own for sure, and all will decide for themselves.

My scrapbook will be made of denim and lumberjack plaid, accessorized with much color and torn edges from over use. The photos will be of people, places and parties, decorated with laugh lines, fellowship and destinations of far away lands. For those that choose to reminisce and walk down memory lane with me, may our journey be the best pages of that chapter in this book of life. Smile. You’re on camera!!

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