• Diane Exner


I never have enough time to (fill in the blank).

What are we willing to trade for time? Hours in front of a screen is what many people trade these days. Whether work or home, if we tracked the amount of time in front of a screen, we might be surprised. Wait! Isn’t there an App for that?

I have 5 minutes, I’ll quickly check my e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, texts, whatever, and the next thing we know 30 minutes, or more, has disappeared. Vanished. It’s easy to do!! I have noticed I have spent more and more time devoted to a screen these days. We do it in the name of education, career, research, fun and even boredom.

Time is the only commodity that there is a finite amount of. I’ve started to think about time differently. Time is my new currency. No matter how much money we accumulate to be able to spend on the things we desire, if we don’t have time to do them, what’s the point?

How much time do we devote to acquiring our desires? Are we okay with that? If it’s become a vicious cycle, like I hear from so many, then it’s time to make a change to get out of the love affair with our screens. If you have a healthy balance that suits your lifestyle, Congratulations. That’s a great accomplishment.

It’s the time of year when folks contemplate their purpose and priorities for the coming year. We reflect on our past, our dreams and desires we each wanted to accomplish and measure if we met our goal. Then we set a new mark. What will we do differently this year? If we measure our success differently, then we may achieve different results.

What currency will we choose to measure our success? Money? Time? What did we do with these two commodities? Who has the most toys wins? Or who has the most precious memories? Which is our most valuable? Once this question is answered, I believe we can easily choose the currency we’d like to spend.

Are we getting the return on investment we desire and plan for? As we evaluate and set our goals for the coming year, I would encourage us to think about how we define and measure success. How will you spend your ‘Currency of Time’?

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