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First Kiss

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

I am a farmer’s daughter and had the privilege to have, and fall head over heels in love, with horses. I learned to ride at a very young age as my parents had a team of working horses on the farm. They’d pull different types of equipment to make work easier, and sometimes sleigh rides too. As years passed, different machinery replaced the jobs of horses, but again I was privileged that we could have horses for entertainment. I loved to ride, and more importantly I loved the feeling of freedom at a full gallop as the breeze whipped through my hair.

It was a time and place where I was free to express myself and simply be me. Talking to God, who I hoped was listening, and my horse that simply listened to my babble, allowed me to unbottle many daily pressures. I knew I could say anything and tell them both my fears and my feelings about whatever was in my heart. There were times, something would spook my horse and I'd freely fly, landing on the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of me. My horse would never leave me, which I have learned through the years, neither will my heavenly Father.

When I wrote this poem, the similarities were so evident to me as they flowed onto the paper. I hope you enjoy it and can relate to another relationship I’ve been asked to meditate on and answer ‘What Do You See?’


A girl’s first love, besides daddy of course,

Is her strong steed, her beloved horse.

He is gentle and kind, and takes good care,

To ensure she is safe, on adventures they share.

She rides high in the saddle, a panoramic view,

Cherishing their time, of moments for two.

Away from all danger, she’s never alone,

He’d give his own life, to ensure she gets home.

At the end of the day, her story complete,

Dismounting her perch, she lands on her feet.

A sweet, tender kiss, her arms outstretched,

She knows without doubt, she’s eternally blessed.

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