• Diane Exner


We all have certain pillars we've built our life's journey on. They are our strength when things get tough, our happy place when we relax, and or purpose for moving forward. Each column needs regular attention to keep the structure standing and balanced. As we grow, our structure grows with us. If a column is neglected, it tends to get weak and crack, allowing the whole structure to crumble. If left long enough it could collapse.

I need a visual for understanding, so I think of a three-legged stool; emphasis on three. It’s always steady and balanced, including on uneven surfaces. A leg can be slightly elevated and things still work, this however causes the flat top to slant. If you need the stool to be static and hold something in place, then even ground is required.

The three foundational pillars I consistently come back to are:

Community: The hands that help everything work together; vitality the body needs.

Family: The heart and life support; that pumps blood to the rest of the body.

Work: The livelihood that provides purpose; nourishment for our body, mind and soul.

In my experience if I support these three legs my structure stands strong. If one is neglected, I find my life off balance. One does not work well without the other two. If they are inter-connected and reinforced the stool, or structure, is made stronger, ultimately holding more weight.

Take going through a pandemic for example. It seems we are constantly pivoting and required to change our position to keep from being knocked over. Coming back to these pillars of community, family and work, keeps me grounded, and helps find the necessary footing to stay standing.

Taking a few minutes to reflect and inspect your structure could make all the difference. Sometimes we need to simply rest a while, and catch our breath before moving forward. Strong pillars will always stand the test of time and weather any storm. The key to longevity and strength is maintenance, no matter the 'Purpose of the Pillar'.

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