• Diane Exner


I woke up with a random image of a shining star in my head. As I lay there willing myself to get moving, I let it percolate for a few minutes before making my way downstairs to my morning coffee. The purpose of a star is to shine and share its light for others to see and follow; sharing its radiant glow, lighting a pathway to follow. It's magnificent, bright, and bold! It shines brighter at night when everything around it is the darkest. Let that image sink in. I'll wait. We all go through dark, hard, and trying times, but when they seem the darkest, it's then a person's true character shines. Believing we are each a light in the darkness, how do we let our character shine like a beacon on a hill? Do we shine like a lighthouse and serve as a navigational aid for those who have lost their way or are heading for dangerous terrain? I'm comforted knowing this is an area I have power when so much appears out of control. My light can bat away those annoying distractions of doubt, anxiety, negativity, drama, and bad vibes. In an environment when things appear dark and dreary to many, I can choose to be that beacon of hope of a brighter day. Look for those shining stars in your life. Better yet, realize you may be that radiance for someone else path. The more stars, the brighter the sky. Take charge of what you can control and be the shining beacon for those who need your navigational support. You can light the way.

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