Jessie's Story

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Chapter 1

Jessie felt sick as she hung up the phone. She knew the call was coming and was sure of the horrible news it would bring. She also knew if she had not followed her instincts the night before, she too would be part of the headlines in tomorrow's paper.

After the drive-inn last night, some of Jessie' s friends had asked her to head to Littleton for pizza. She knew it was only a 30-minute drive, but something in the pit of her stomach told her not to go. She had learned long ago to trust her instincts or live with the consequences. Jessie made up an excuse of not feeling well and called home for a ride. She could never tell anyone how she knew certain things. That was one of the reasons Jessie's parents had moved the family halfway across the country this spring. They all needed a fresh start.

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Jessie's Story

Jessie goes through one problem after another. Each time she feels she can come up for air to breathe, another wave knocks her below the surface.

She and her brother David, must fight the demons of their past to restore their torn relationship, while also figuring out the mysteries and secrets of their new home town.

On these pages, you will find the first, and most recent chapters of "Jessie's Story" for your reading pleasure. I'd love to hear how your thoughts on the storyline and if you are enjoying.

Each week presents a new challenge and chapter to enjoy. Check back often.

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Chapter 4

Cruising the lake road snuggled into David’s back, memories of carefree days flooded her mind of summers at the cabin in Ontario. Almost like old times. As the water paralleled their highway speeds, she fondly remembered friends, fires, and fun as the lake. Turning onto a small dirt road by the golf course, they found the cabin. The guys about to take the Sea-Doos for a dig. 

"You're right on time David,” Jolene called skipping towards them. After a few introductions, "You can ride with me. I promise not to dump you off in the middle of the lake." She tossed him a sporty life jacket. "You can swim right?" 

"Sure, we grew up in the water. We spent lots of summers at our cabin back home." David looked around beckoning Jessie to hurry up. 


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