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2023 June Newsletter

Creatives Community Corner

One of my highly respected mentors and friends once told me, ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ In the spirit of building community and recognizing other gifted souls, I’ll be interviewing fellow Creatives, to highlight their gifts and talents. They range from writers, artisans, teachers and everything in between. The goal is as they share their stories, we will be inspired and encouraged to chase, and live out our dreams. That's what community does, encourages each other to succeed. I've already lined up four, fabulous females to share their stories and journeys. You won't want to miss these exciting interviews. Stay tuned to meet our first local hero in September.

New Digital Painting

This piece was a challenge. I wanted to do something 'outside the box’ to stretch my imagination and skills. The idea was to include many of my favorite things: water, light and colorful skies. I landed with this piece called: Light to My Path, utilizing an idea of a silhouette, very different than my normal detailed, semi-realism style. As I was reflecting on how to present light, I got the idea of a lighthouse, representing a beacon of light, as it lights our path and shows people safe passage as they navigate the waters, or turbulence of life. This is what materialized as I went with the flow. When you look at this piece, I hope you can feel the calm, serenity of the evening sunset and the peace that fills the air.

Light to My Path

Project of Passion

I'd like to highlight a Special Commission I had the privilege to work on earlier this year. It was both challenging, and ultimately rewarding. A Project of Passion for my client, who is an avid car buff and was expanding the décor in his workshop. Make sure to check out: Shell Station Sign to see how this project turned out. It was such a cool painting and treat to work on. It was an honor.

Monthly Blog

For those of you who already know me, you know I love to write, whether its notes, quotes, poems, or devotionals. My previous blog 'I've Been Thinking', was filled with daily learnings, cute quips and the odd short story. As this is a NEW season of life, my new blog will have a new title, but I will keep you in suspense for a bit. Check back on my website at the beginning of each month or follow my Facebook Page for timely updates to be 'in-the-know' at all times. Creatively Yours, Diane 

Writing by the Water

Shows and Shops

Last, but not least, these are the places you will currently see my art work being displayed and sold. Make sure to visit and enjoy all the offerings when you arrive.

Shows You Are Invited to Attend
July 1st:
Mystic Crystal Tattoo Day & Street Fair, (Melville, SK, Main St)
Sept 8-9th:
Sunflower Art &
Craft Show, (Yorkton, SK, Gallagher Centre)

Shops - Displaying My Work
The Beacon – Bistro & Coffee House, (Caronport, SK, On #1 Highway)
Chocolate Bean Café & Flowers on Main – (302 Main St, Melville, SK)
Melville Coop Home Centre – (Melville, SK, Off #10 Highway)

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