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2023 September Newsletter

New Product(s)

NEW in the Line-up this month, and made its debut at the Sunflower Art and Trade Market, is the 'FIRST KISS' Canvas Prints, which includes a poem on the back. 

Sizes and Prices are: 20"x30" ($150), 16"x24" ($120), 12"x18" ($100), 8"x12" ($40).  

Feel free to reach out to me directly for purchase or visit my website to order. 

I'm really excited about this piece, as I've been getting a number of requests for bigger pieces. This is the biggest canvas piece so far. I hope you enjoy it.

First Kiss Products.jpg
2023-08 First Kiss-sm.jpg

Monthly Blog

First Kiss 

I am a farmer’s daughter and had the privilege to have, and fall head over heels in love, with horses. I learned to ride at a very young age as my parents had a team of working horses on the farm. They’d pull different types of equipment to make work easier, and sometimes sleigh rides too. As years passed, different machinery replaced the jobs of horses, but again I was privileged that we could have horses for entertainment. I loved to ride, and more importantly I loved the feeling of freedom at a full gallop as the breeze whipped through my hair.  Click Here to Read More.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
Creatively Yours, Diane

2023 Commission Slots

First and Foremost, Thank You for all the interest and questions around commissions lately; especially with Christmas around the corner. I have two slots left for 2023. One each for October and November, meaning you would definitely have these to you in time for Christmas. The process takes a couple of weeks from consultation to finished product. 

Note: Pricing is project dependent; a single person or pet with a simple background is less time and cost, than a detailed project. Price = Drawing time + print medium and size + shipping and handling. We outline the process together and sign off on all details prior to deposit to confirm your slot. The slot is confirmed, once the deposit is received.

I hope that answers all your questions, please feel free to anyone who might be interested.

Chocolate Bean Café

Shows and Shops


Shops - Displaying My Work
Chocolate Bean Café & Flowers on Main – (302 Main St, Melville, SK)

The Beacon – Bistro & Coffee House, (Caronport, SK, On #1 Highway)
Melville Coop Home Centre – (Melville, SK, Off #
10 Highway)

Shows You Are Invited to Attend

Currently working with a couple irons in the fire.

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